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8 Piece Heavy Duty Wire Brush Set for Rust Welding Slag Paint and Dust Removal

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Introducing our versatile 9' wire brushes set that leaves no corners untouched. With 7' brushes for small spaces and narrow corners, such as stoves and grills, and larger brushes for easily cleaning larger surfaces, this set will address all your cleaning concerns. These small cleaning brushes are suitable for different surface types, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

In addition, our set includes a metal scraper that can be used as a pan scraper, kitchen grease cleaning spatula, griddle scraper or griddle spatula and food scraper tool. Whether you're in the kitchen, food shop or outdoor camping barbecue, this tough scraper is perfect for removing stubborn grime and dirt.

Our set includes different wire brushes and scrapers for you to use, making it a versatile addition to your cleaning arsenal. The steel brush can also be used as a rust remover for metal, ensuring that your surfaces are not only clean but also well-maintained. Get our 9' wire brushes set today and take the hassle out of cleaning!


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